Two New Boards

I haven't posted for a while, so I thought I would show what I've been up to. The first board here is a 6'0" displacement hull style stubbie with a balsa flex fin and the second is a 5'10" twinzer. I've been wanting to make a hull since I helped with RT's 'black hull' stubbie a few months back. I rode his 6' 8" Liddle and really liked the casual speed you can get with the design. I already cut out my own and it's waiting to be shaped. The twinzer is an enlarged copy of a personal board I own, with altered fin templates. I often see one of the original twinzer devotees, Dan Wood at the beach. He used to work with Wil Jobson, who came up with the twinzer concept. I picked his brain a bit about fins and came up with the new templates. Thanks Dan. Thanks also to Bobo Mol and Tony respectively. The two people I had the pleasure of making these boards for. Great customers and great people.