Surf Trip!

I always love it when customers come back to tell me how their boards worked for them.  Even better when they bring photographic evidence.  These are some recent photos of a customer named Breen riding his 5'5" quad in Fiji. The board was actually Ryan Thomas' originally. It's an early flextail experiment that didn't have enough flex for Ryan. We brought it down to Cardiff for Anything But Three and accidentally left to go home while someone was still out in the water trying it out! Doh! Upon returning to the beach to hopefully retrieve it, we were told that this someone had left with it because he knew how to get a hold of me. I figured it was probably gone for good and this guy had just scored a free board.  But sure enough the guy, who turned out to be Breen,  called me a couple days later and even offered to buy it. It's nice to know there's honest people in the world still. Anyway, that was over 2 years ago and he still favors this board. I'm glad to see it's going to good use. I think he's taking it to Chile next. Can't wait to see those photos. Thanks Breen!