RT's Openface Sandwich

A little over a year ago RT asked if I could build a compsand board with more flex in it, since his smaller stature (140-45 lbs.) made ordinary wood and foam boards seem a little too ridged for his taste. We came up with the idea of using balsa only on the deck and letting the bottom 'breathe'. The deck panel retains the liveliness that compsands have and the bottom is allowed to stretch and flex without as much weight and force being applied to it. This board is the third one and I think we finally got it. All the reports I've gotten back from him have been good. He said the board flexes and feels pretty much the same as a traditional poly board and he's already had at least one potentially catastrophic run in with his knee to the deck, with no damage. The bottom should hold up just as well as any other epoxy board, since it has a 1/2" layer of 2 lb. EPS there. The final weight of the board is in the sub 6 lb. range too, so I think we may have hit all the goals (lightweight, strong, and flexy).