Nine Lights Makes Foam Boards!?!

So I've been making wood boards for a while now and while they're beautiful, super strong, and ride really great, they're not the most affordable and they take a little longer to build. There will always be people out there (and I thank you!)  who will be into those type of boards (me included of course). But a little over a year ago I thought I should offer something for the rest of you and began experimenting with composite foam boards. These aren't solid foam with a stringer but rather three layers of EPS foam (no PVC!) , with two dense layers outside and one lightweight one inside. This makes a core that is super light so you can glass the finished board stronger with no weight penalty. What's even better is the ride. Super responsive. The feel of the board can be changed when building the blank by adding different types of glass, carbon, or even wood (of course) in between the layers. Now your custom board can have a few more variables to choose from. Length, width, thickness, and also flex and weight. Prices start at $595.