Jim's Fish

This is a recent board that I just finished for a good local surfer and friend of mine Jimmy. He's a board builder as well and has been making some really interesting variations of the Sim's Fish (a short, wide, thick, twin keeled design distilled from Bob Simmons ideas on planing hulls and promoted and brought to mainstream attention by Richard Kenvin and his Hydrodynamica project) . After riding a fish I had made and liking the spring and speed the board had, he asked if I would make him a version of this design out of wood, using a twinzer setup that he's been experimenting with. I thought it was a great idea considering Bob Simmons originated the wood over foam sandwich concept as well as this design. Dimensions are 5'10", 23" wide, and 2 3/4" thick. It has belly in the nose, going into a full concave through most of the board, and ending in a double concave with 3/8" of vee in the tail. It's glassed with a single 4 oz. layer in epoxy.