I finally got the chance to make an Alaia out of some old redwood siding that was given to me by a friend. After reading the "How To Ride An Alaia Board" by Dan Malloy in the May 2008 Surfing Magazine, I got all fired up to make that siding into sliding. Wood board guru Tom Wegener brought these boards back to life and after seeing how much fun they can be I had to try one. I have always been a fan of Wegener's boards and he has been a major influence in my board building. So after a little bit of research (reading the mag, watching some of Wegener's videos and checking Wegener's articles on design) I hit the shaping bay. So, after a day in the bay and a couple coats of oil it was ready to ride. I didn't have much luck the first couple of times I took it out. But, once I got the hang of it I ended up having one of the most fun sessions I've had in awhile. This may sound a little cliche' but it really does feel like riding on a magic carpet. You can feel the board flex over every little ripple in the water as you're going down the line. It carries it's speed really well, considering it is only a 1/2 inch thick and barely floats. This board was more than what I expected. This is my first Alaia, but it will not be the last. More are in the works and I will keep you posted. Board dimensions: 6'2"x 15"x 1/2" Thanks to Graham, Christina, and RT for the photos.