Fresh Fish!

I've been meaning to put this post up for a while, but have been struggling with my limited computer knowledge on this new site. Thanks to my web guy, Noah for coaching me through.  Anyway,  this is a new fish for my friend and great customer, Tony. He wanted a larger, more rotator cuff friendly board that he could still lay on a rail through turns. It's 6'2" which is pretty big for a fish, but I put a beveled foil in the rail, to get some of the volume out and made sure the tail wasn't too thick and floaty. Bigger fish can sometimes surf too flat and on top of the water and I wanted to make sure Tony could really engage the board in turns. It's made with a balsa base, flexible poplar ply and balsa deck, and balsa and redwood rails. The fins are custom set of birch ply twinzers. He's a twinzer devote like me. I love the secure, yet loose and super fast feel of this fin setup. Go schralp Tony.