Foam Alaia Take Two

This is the latest foam and wood alaia I’ve made. There have been a few changes since the last one I posted. I brought the volume up a bit in the nose and tail for even better paddling and wave catching ability. The nose and tail are a bit wider, so the outline has a bit more curve in it. It seems the more outward curve you have in the tail, the better the board will set and hold in trim and turns. The rail stays stuck in the wave rather than curving away from it and releasing. The deck is bowed with reverse rocker to keep volume in the middle and allow the ends to flex. Also the wood on the deck has been cut in an hourglass shape to keep the panel flat. This avoids any compound curves in the panel that could stiffen the structure. I rode a similar board  recently at almost flat, high tide Rincon and had way more fun then I should have had. The board motored along great in the weakest of waves and I didn't have to worry about nailing a fin on the rocks. Dimensions of this board are 6'8" x 17" x 2 1/4". The widest points at the ends are 18 1/2" and the rails are pinched to 1/2" and squared off, with a hard edge almost the entire length of the board. The bottom has a full length single concave and 1/4" of chine on the rail.The rocker is almost flat. This board is currently available at Wetsand surf shop. The one I rode is now my new favorite ultra small (I wouldn't be going out otherwise) wave board.