Flex Hull

This hull is 6'4" and has very foiled rails.  Since the board is so bladed out I was able the bring the wood paneling all the way to the edge and leave off  the wood strips on the rails. This combined with the R.T. Openface method increased the boards flex. Normally I can't get away with this because the wood is too thick to bend around the compund curve of the rail. You can only achieve that with really thin veeners as with Surftechs for example. Really thin veeners though don't do anything for performance, as it's basically like laminating shelving paper to your board. Instead of the ride being lively and springy it's has a dull thud and slap against the water. Hulls are supposed to have a bit of flex in them, which is why the best of them such as Liddles are glassed so light and have thin 1/16" cedar stringers.  This is also why they unfortunatly get beat up so fast. The rail less method, combined with EPS foam, a wood deck and custom epoxy glassing enhances this flex characteristic without the worry of the board going 'dead' or dinging if you look at it wrong.  The stringer has been spread over the whole board so it won't get flexed out and the deck is way stronger to boot. No more mushy hull syndrome. This particular board is avaliable at Wetsand in Ventura.