Bob's Redwood Simmons Fish

Just finished this board for a really talented local surfer and friend of mine named Bob, who also happens to be a great craftsman. He builds amazing custom home furnishings and I was lucky enough to trade him this board for one of his creations. Bob occasionally brings me lumber (mostly poplar) with interesting grain patterns and colors that others pass up in favor of clearer pieces. Recently though he brought me a pile of rough milled redwood and cut burls for this board.The wood came from land in northern california that a friend of his owns. It's old growth that was cut down around 30 years ago. The grain patterns are unbelievable. I definitely couldn't go to the lumberyard and find anything like this. The fins were made from the burl and ended up as light as a set of modern foam core fins because of the porosity of the wood. You can actually see light through the wood some places. The shape is based on the Simms fish influenced boards a local shaper and friend of mine named Jimmy has been making. Bob's been getting his boards for a while now and really likes this shape for its speed and glide. Two interesting twists Jimmy's been doing with the design are step decks and Wil Jobson inspired twinzer fin setups. I thought the stepdeck was a good idea because it decreased the volume of a very wide nose and I'm a twinzer guy also, so I know the drive you get from this combo. I didn't get to weigh the board but the underarm feel was right there with a foam board.  After his first session on it Bob reported that, "He, the board, and Blackies were one."  Glad you like it Bob!