jb_alaia_armup_wd_byrt1 "I want this one daddy!"



Ever since I was inspired by images of guys riding Wegener Alaia's,  I've been wanting to make one out of the same wood that Tom Wegener is using over in Australia.  I got the chance this last October when I picked up a couple paulownia wood Alaia blanks from the Wegener booth at the Sacred Craft exposition in Del Mar. The first redwood Alaia I had made perviously rode completly different than the new one's made from paulownia.  The new Alaia's were much lighter, flexier, and more boyuant. Not to mention incredibly water resistant. I did a pretty crummy job of oiling the first one, because I was so excited to ride it, and it's still doing fine with only two coats. I have become completly hooked on these boards since then. I literally didn't ride anything else for about a month. I still basically just trim, but man it's an amazing feeling. I never thought I could have so much fun just simply going down the line. It literally feels like you're flying on a magic carpet because the board twists and bends under your feet as you keep going faster down the line connecting sections.  Building and riding these boards has probably been one of the most unexpected joys of my surfing life. Many thanks to Tom and Jon Wegener for bringing these boards back into the mainstream. Check out and