Agave, Poplar, Redwood, and Balsa

These are two new boards to come out of the little shop of clutter. The first is a poplar and agave single fin that the customer wants to put a winged keel or star fin in. He's pretty hard on boards so the deck is a full 1/16" of solid poplar with double 4 oz. under and over. The bottom is locally harvested (in Irvine) agave. He has a friend who is a fireman and while battling the blazes there last year came across a couple of large stalks on private ranch land. The landowners said to feel free to take them. It was a pretty labor intensive process milling the wood and there was a hole drilled in it from a bird which I had to patch. But I think the end result was pretty nice. The second board is my take on a displacement hull. It's short at only 6', so it's more of a stubbie, but it's my personal board and I thought I would prefer that. It's got full 1/8th" thick redwood panels top and bottom and is minimally glassed with a single 4 oz. top and bottom and 3/4" laps. There's also only 3/8" of balsa and agave around the rails to retain as much flex as possible.