Nine Lights Surfboards


I thought I would be a painter...

It sounds funny to say, but it's true. I studied fine art and thought I'd paint and be an art teacher to make money. Surfing then was only something I did with my older brother Peder, and we loved it so much that we started tinkering with shapes. I used this as a distraction for myself from painting. 

But a few things happened. Turns out I'm an impossibly slow painter. Also, my daughter Avery was born. And I figured out a way to use vaccuum bags to make faster, stronger, and more eco-friendly surfboards. So I spent way more time making boards for people as a way to support my family. 

I also took some odd jobs that included making airplane wings, and found that the aerodynamics and hydrodynamics had quite a bit of overlap, and that helped me figure some things out about my shaping in how I made my boards. The vacuum bag approach has helped me build quite a few boards, and I like to push myself so I've gotten a little nerdy about designing and foiling fins, eco-glassing, and picking the right wood for boards.

But the fun part of shaping has always remained getting a board under my feet or making a great one for a friend.