Mush Optimizers, Performance slop-grovelers, shorebreak tube groovers,

PoinT break high liners,  Speed Freaks, Loose as a goose closeout boosters.

Whatever you need, Nine lights will Make.

GMO-Free, Organic Shred Sleds to your Liking.

Don't know what you want?  We've got ideas.


A Few Surfers Talk About and Ride Boards I made

Another Happy Surfer

 Breene on his 5'5'' Quodd, slinging through another section. 

Breene on his 5'5'' Quodd, slinging through another section. 

“In 2008, I drove down to Cardiff for a demo day called Anything But Three. 

I had just broken 3 normal polyurethane boards and was also growing weary of pro-style boards. The PU boards just didn’t work for the waves I normally surfed, and I felt bad throwing those toxic heaps away. I wanted something different. 

I tried a ton of boards that day, but I landed on one of Jeff’s—a 5’5’’ flextail quad—and it was magic. I was connecting sections with such speed and I was still able to bottom turn and hit the lip. I’m no pro, but on some of those waves, I sure felt like one. 

Since then, I’ve only bought Nine Lights Boards. Because they last so long, I’ve been able to slowly build up a quiver over the decade—even getting a longboard for my wife!

But it’s more than just the boards that keeps me coming back. Jeff is one of the most fun people to talk shaping with—he has great stories—and when it comes to making a board he intently listens to what I am looking for, considers the waves I ride, and builds me something magic everytime. ”

— Breene


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